Opening Your Heart to God's Presence


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Una conferenza di Sri Daya Mata

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Speaking to an audience of thousands from all over the world at the 1989 Self-Realization Fellowship Convocation in Los Angeles, Self-Realization Fellowship’s third president Sri Daya Mata conveys a powerful and inspiring message of the reality of God’s love in our daily lives. This deeply encouraging video allows all to share in the divine experience of darshan and satsanga — the tangible upliftment of consciousness imparted by the presence of a God-knowing saint.

Topics include:
• Expanding your experience of God’s peace, love, and divine blessings
• Finding the strength and understanding to face life’s challenges
• How to recognize and overcome the impediments to divine communion
• Ways to spiritualize your daily life
• The unconditional love and help of the Guru

Running time: 46 minutes

Formato Video DVD video (NTSC tutte le Regioni)
Lingua In Inglese

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Opening your hart....
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