Beholding God in the Temple of All Life


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Una conferenza di Sri Daya Mata

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Beholding God in the Temple of All Life is one of the earliest video recordings made of Daya Mata’s satsangas. Recorded at the SRF Mother Center in 1982 it allows all to experience the uplifting atmosphere of joy, wisdom, and devotion that flowed as a tangible presence from Sri Daya Mata to all who met her.

Daya Mataji begins by sharing excerpts from inspirational writings of Paramahansa Yogananda. She intersperses explanatory comments and personal reminiscences of how the Guru made those divine inspirations a reality in his own daily life and in the lives of those who followed his training. She goes on to impart valuable insights from her own experience about living a balanced spiritual life of God-communion and loving service to all.

Following her talk, Daya Mataji greeted each participant. This special footage gives a glimpse of her ability to touch individual hearts and souls with the transforming power of divine love and caring that she embodied and radiated to all for so many years.

Sri Daya Mata was president and spiritual head of Paramahansa Yogananda’s worldwide society for more than fifty-five years until her passing in 2010.

Running time: 58 minutes

Formato Video DVD video (NTSC tutte le Regioni)
Lingua In Inglese