The Law of Success


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Using the Power of Spirit to Create Health, Prosperity, and Happiness.

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Is there a force that we can call upon to give health, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment?  The saints and sages of India teach that there is such a power.” — Paramahansa Yogananda from The Law of Success

 The faster the world moves, the more important it becomes to slow down and look within for what makes us truly happy. If you measure success by the quality of your life rather than just by material achievements, then the timeless wisdom of this book will speak directly to your heart and soul.

Filled with sensible down-to-earth wisdom, The Law of Success explores the spiritual sources of creativity, positive thinking, and dynamic will, as well as the success-producing power of self-analysis and meditation. It shows how each one of us can naturally attract happiness and harmony.

36 pages
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