How You Can Talk With God


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“Talking with God is a definite fact. And all of you, also, may communicate with Him; not a one-sided conversation, but a real talk wherein you speak to God and He responds.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

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In this classic spiritual guide, Paramahansa Yogananda dispels the myth that God is beyond our reach. He points out that it is not only possible to talk with God but to receive definite responses to our prayers.

Defining the Lord as both the transcendent, universal Spirit and the intimately personal Father, Mother, Friend, and Lover of all, he helps us to realize how close that infinite and all-loving Being is to each one of us. He also explains how we can make our prayers so powerful and persuasive that they will bring a tangible response.

How You Can Talk with God is a favorite of spiritual seekers around the world, showing readers how to pray with greater intimacy to create a deep and fulfilling personal relationship with the Divine. This is a book to keep by the bedside, discovering with each reading new gems of inspiration and wisdom.

40 pages

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An inspired and illuminating book
Monique Francoise B. il giorno 07/12/2020 Essential and informative.