Guru and Disciple: An Eternal Covenant of Love


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In this talk, given at the 1994 SRF World Convocation, Brother Bhaktananda explains how to perfect the guru-disciple relationship: God’s eternal plan to free each soul.

Topics Include:
• Obedience and loyalty: divine laws that lead to real freedom and happiness
• The spiritual benefits of simplicity in thought, feeling, and action
• Three essential keys to spiritual development: practicing the presence of God meditation, and study of the SRF Lessons
• Stillness in meditation: the time God comes to us

Running time: 62 Minutes

Formato Video DVD video (NTSC tutte le Regioni)
Lingua In Inglese

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Guru and Disciple: An enternal convenant of love
Stefano P. il giorno 24/11/2017 L'ascolto di questo discorso fa Imparare ad apprezzare la fortuna di avere un Maestro spirituale della levatura di Parahamansa Yogananda