Lake Shrine 50th Anniversary Celebration


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Storie su Paramahansa Yogananda dai discepoli diretti: Sister Parvati, Mukti Mata, Brother Anandamoy, Brother Bhaktananda, Brother Bimalananda

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On August 20, 2000, Self-Realization Fellowship held a day-long celebration to honor the 50th anniversary of the Lake Shrine’s dedication.  As part of the festivities, six monastic disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda shared informal reminiscences of their years with him and of events related to the opening of the Lake Shrine. This DVD captures their stories, interspersed with rare archival footage and photos from the dedication of the Lake Shrine. The inspiring accounts of these monks and nuns convey the love, joy, and wisdom they encountered in the great master’s presence, giving viewers firsthand intimate insights into the experience of daily life around Paramahansaji.

Running time: 62 minutes


Formato Video DVD video (NTSC tutte le Regioni)
Lingua In Inglese

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Lake Shrine 50th Anniversary
Stefano P. il giorno 24/11/2017 Una carrellata di ricordi toccanti e divertenti che ti fa sorridere.