Developing an Unconquerable Will


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Brother Achalananda, a senior minister and member of the Board of Directors of Self-Realization Fellowship, draws on over fifty years of experience on the spiritual path, discussing how we can discover and express the divine potential of will power within ourselves.

Topics include:

• The relationship between energy and will

• Using will to overcome habits and achieve our goals

• Exerting will versus surrender to God

• Cultivating divine will

This talk was given at Self-Realization Fellowship’s 1997 World Convocation in Los Angeles.

Running time: 50 minutes


An Audio (only) CD edition of this talk was previously released with the Fall 2006 Self-Realization magazine.

Formato VideoDVD video (NTSC tutte le Regioni)
LinguaIn Inglese

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Developing an unconquerable will
Stefano P. il giorno 24/11/2017Come le parole e l'esempio di un uomo di Dio può arricchire le nostre esperienze.