Is Peace Possible in Today's World?


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Una Conferenza informale di Brother Anandamoy

Serie Audio "L'ARTE DI VIVERE"

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In these two talks, given on July 3, 1983, and November 6, 1983, Brother Anandamoy discusses the subtle yet definite causes of war and peace, and explains what each individual can do to help improve world conditions.

Topics include:

• Is there a time when it is right to fight? — principles from the Bhagavad Gita

• The role of free will, karma, and evolution

• Examples from the lives of Gandhi, Lincoln, Padre Pio, and others

• War and peace in relation to the Cosmic Plan

• Understanding the deeper meaning of nonviolence

• Recognizing the subtler levels of violence in ourselves and others

• How each of us can improve world conditions and help to create peace.

Running time: 72 minutes

Lingua In Inglese
Formato CD - Audio