Living in Attunement With the Divine


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Una Conferenza informale di Sri Mrinalini Mata

Serie Audio "L'ARTE DI VIVERE"

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Drawing on her training with Paramahansa Yogananda and from decades of experience living a God-centered life, Sri Mrinalini Mata shares potent practical principles for bringing about the perfect attunement with God and Guru which our souls seek. Emphasizing the importance of developing an intuitive understanding of how to solve our problems, she reminds us that Master’s teachings offer guidance for every aspect of life, and explains the way Master taught his close disciples to develop their attunement with him.

This succinct talk by one of Paramahansaji’s direct disciples is filled with true insights for opening our hearts, minds, and souls to that sublime divine Presence which is ever leading us onward toward the highest realization.

Lingua In Inglese
Formato CD - Audio