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Una Conferenza informale di Sri Daya Mata

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In this talk, Self-Realization Fellowship′s third president Sri Daya Mata, one of Paramahansa Yogananda’s foremost disciples, testifies to the deep joy that comes from centering one’s life in God.

Topics include:

• Practicing the presence of God

• Paramahansa Yogananda’s guidance for solving problems

• The value of silence and right speech

• Criticism, gossip, and self-analysis

• Learning to live love

• The Mother aspect of God

• Enjoying life with spiritual consciousness.

 This talk was recorded during a satsanga with Sri Daya Mata at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hermitage in Encinitas, California, where Paramahansa Yogananda lived for many years and wrote his Autobiography of a Yogi.

Lingua In Inglese
Formato CD - Audio

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Naneen A. il giorno 21/11/2022 The purpose of life is to find God. Put God first in everything and you will know Him, as He wills.