In The Land Beyond My Dreams


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Brani dai Canti cosmici, arrangiati per organo e interpretati dal Ministro SRF Brother Premamoy. Questa registrazione è stata digitalizzata nuovamente con l'aggiunta di undici canti inediti.


• In the Land Beyond My Dreams
• Blue Lotus Feet
• From This Sleep, Lord
• Do Not Dry the Ocean of My Love
• Light the Lamp of Thy Love
• Thou Art My Life
• In the Valley of Sorrow
• Receive Me on Thy Lap
• Deliver Us From Delusion
• They Have Heard Thy Name
• When Thy Song Flows Through Me
• When My Dream’s Dream Is Done
• Come, Listen to My Soul Song
• I Give You My Soul Call
• I Will Be Thine Always
• Where Is There Love?
• In the Temple of Silence
• Wink Has Not Touched My Eyes
• I Am the Sky
• 0 Thou King of the Infinite
• Will That Day Come to Me, Mother?
• I Am the Bubble
• Hymn to Brahm

Durata: 71 minuti e 41 secondi

Lingua In Inglese
Formato CD - Audio